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Phillips Snow selling his wares at the North West River Beach Festival.
Phillips Snow selling his wares at the North West River Beach Festival. - Contributed

Happy Valley-Goose Bay youth pursues entrepreneurial idea

HAPPY VALLEY-GOOSE BAY, N.L. — With all the hot weather lately, selling ice cream shouldn’t be difficult. At least Phillip Snow hopes it won’t be anyway.

The 12-year-old Happy Valley-Goose Bay youth recently started up his own small business, Phillip’s Icebergs, to sell ice cream at events in the area.

“I was at a friends house who had an ice cream cart and I thought, ‘I really want to have a cart’,” he told The Labradorian.

Phillip went to Youth Ventures for assistance and quickly discovered that an ice cream cart is very expensive. It would cost him about $2,000 for a used one.

“They helped me brainstorm ways to raise the money,” he said. “Instead of buying the cart they suggested buying a mini-fridge and selling that way to save money for an ice cream cart.”

His parents helped him get a freezer so he could start up his business selling ice cream to begin saving for the cart.

Phillip brought his wares to the North West River Beach Festival July 28-29 and he said it was a big success. He made about $200, a good start towards buying a cart of his own.

Phillip plans on selling ice cream at other events but is also going to bring his business to Kinsman Park some days to raise money there.

“There are some really hot days at that splash pad, people will want ice cream,” he said.

Despite his young age, work isn’t new to Phillip. He’s been working as a carrier for The Labradorian since he was nine and said he likes to make his own money.

Phillip’s mother, Erin Snow, said he’s always been a driven, goal oriented young man.

He’s been involved in hockey since a young age and has contributed to the cost from money saved from his paper route.

“That was what started this,” she said. “He wanted to help out, he’s a very goal-oriented, focused kid.”

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