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Duley Lake
Duley Lake - Gary Shaw

LABRADOR WEST - Most of us folks from Labrador West are familiar with Duley Lake. It is located west of Labrador City, about 15 minutes from town. It has for many years, been a popular location for a number of reasons. Its close proximity to our towns, the park and the sense of just being out of town have been the main components to its popularity.

As most of us know, there are a lot of cabin people among us. Duley Lake has, from the beginning, been a natural draw. Cabins in the early years began to pop up for the reason of its closeness to town. It is also a pretty lake with our region’s typical boreal scenery. It will give up a meal of fish from time to time and provides any number of outdoor activities for folks to enjoy. Boating and fishing in the summer and snowshoeing, cross country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter are at your fingertips. The short trip from town gives all of the folks who are connected there, the attachment to the outdoors that they desire.

In years gone by, like a number of lakes that are reasonably close to town, it was the perfect place to build a small cabin and settle into all the cabin activities that we enjoy. Over the last number of years, things have sure changed at Duley Lake.

Duley Lake has, due to the vision of many of the folks who are there, seen an incredible change in the dynamics of this “cabin lake.”

There are now approximately 75 to 80 Cabins at Duley when you include the ones that are scattered around the lake that are boat accessible. With what began as one permanent resident on the lake, it has in recent times, grown into a permanent resident home area with between 12 and 15 full-time, year-round resident properties. These are not weekend cabins, they are full-time homes. Beautiful homes measured by any standard.

Members of our community have made huge commitments to themselves and our community by settling into Duley Lake for the long haul. This comes with some very large financial investment in their properties. They are building homes in a place that represents a lifestyle closely attached to the outdoors and all of the adventures attached to it, literally just outside the door. They are now enjoying it all, from homes that have every amenity.

The big catalyst in putting folks on Duley Lake full-time was the arrival of hydro to their homes. Power came to Duley two years ago this past November. It came with a big price attached, $15,000 each, to be hooked into the grid. There are now about 30 properties with the hydro hook-up installed. This hydro service, coupled with a drilled well and good septic systems has fulfilled the big components necessary for comfortable, full-time, residency. No more big generators, no more expensive diesel fuel to run them and water on tap.

Duley has and will continue to grow in popularity, providing an option for folks to town living.

When the Aurora chatted with a couple of the full-time folks at Duley the message was similar. They are a close-knit community within the greater community of Labrador West. They enjoy the lifestyle that the location brings, they enjoy the neighbours and friends who are sharing a similar vision and take great pride in their “neighbourhood.”

The cross section of retired folks, working folks and part-time cabin folks has all created a melting pot of many different folks who are joined by their vision of a similar lifestyle.

It seems as though these folks have created our own unofficial sub division of Labrador West that will undoubtedly continue to grow on the backs of their vision of what living life can be, in Labrador.


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