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Brenda Jararuse is one of the Nain residents trying to get a food bank established in the northern community.
Brenda Jararuse has been working on this since at least January of 2018 - Contributed

Operation should be ready to open before Christmas

If everything goes as planned, residents of Nain will have a food bank before Christmas.

Brenda Jararuse is one of the volunteers working to set up a food bank in the community.

“Everything has been going good. We’ve been having regular meetings... we’ve reached out to different organizations and we’re slowing getting it started,” Jararuse said.

In an interview with The Labradorian in January, 2018, Jararuse said she and others in the community felt a food bank was essential after the Nunatsiavut Government released its food insecurity study in 2017.

The study indicated almost 80 per cent of people living in Nain don’t have enough food.

“I knew that food insecurity was an issue but I was really shocked by that high number. I didn’t realize it was that big of an issue,” Jararuse said during a recent phone interview.

While the determined volunteers weren’t sure how to go about setting up a food bank in the community of about 1,300 people, they pressed on with their idea and reached out to numerous organizations including the Community Food Sharing Association.

Jararuse said donations are coming in from the Community Food Sharing Association as well as other supporters.

The more the word gets out about the food bank, she said, the more people seem to be coming onboard to support the initiative.

“We’ve got boxes of food coming from Goose Bay, from Judy Voisey. She held a big food drive for us,” she said.

“And another woman from Goose Bay is sending up a food donation on behalf of her and her family,” Jararuse said.

There has also been on online auction to support the food bank where individuals and local residents donated items for the event.

“We also got a nice donation from the Nunatsiavut Group of Companies,” Jararuse said.

The food bank will be housed in the Nunatsiavut Government’s Department of Health and Social Development building in Nain and distributed from that location, she said, adding the volunteers appreciate the space has been provided without charge.

Jararuse said it’s difficult to say when the food bank will be open as it depends on when the food can be shipped into the community.

Hopefully, she said, it will arrive before Christmas.

“We’re a completely volunteer-run organization. We’re just getting on our feet and we are reaching out for any help we can get. We’re completely open to any support... including donations.”

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