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The pool at Margaret Bowater Park in Corner Brook was closed to swimmers because of unsafely high water levels on Monday, though it was reopened on Tuesday. On Friday, the pool was closed again. It marked at least the fifth temporary closure of the pool during humid temperatures over the past few weeks. The pool was previously closed for periods due to murky water and broken glass.

Question: Have the closures at the Margaret Bowater Park pool affected you this summer? Do you enjoy swimming there?

Kyle Grenning


Yeah, I go there quite a bit, so it’s affected me sometimes. I love swimming there.

Nicky Grenning


Yeah, once or twice. Yes, I like going there.

Sebastian Locke

Corner Brook
Yes, it’s affected me. When I’m bored at home I like to get my friends and head down there.

Brianna Bridger

Corner Brook

I really like to go down there, but I haven’t been down this year. It’s really fun, on hot sunny days you can go down and relax, bring your friends — sort of like a friend time.

Brooke Evoy

Massey Drive

I usually just go to the pond at Massey Drive because that’s where I live.

Rebecca Flynn

Corner Brook

Yeah, it has, really. I love swimming down there, I usually meet up with my friends down there. It’s a lot of fun.

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