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Thursday's storm brought up to 130 km/h winds in western Newfoundland and several other storms this fall recorded wind gusts of more than 100 km/h.

Question: Do you think our weather is getting more extreme?

Tina Cannings


This has to be the worst year ever in history for such high winds in November. Yes, people should take special precautions because of possible damage to other people’s property if their items blow around. Hopefully we won’t have to get used to these winds.

Denise Rideout


Yes it seems like its stronger winds and that storms are getting more severe. People should make sure they don’t have anything out that can be blowing around to cause damage to another property.

Tyler White

Stephenville Crossing

Yeah people should be more prepared as there are lots of damages from things that go flying around during the wind storms. It’s most definitely more extreme as I’ve never seen winds before like we are having this fall.

Darren Young

St. George’s

Yes they should take more precautions because there are a lot of damages that can be caused by things blowing around and its costs people money to repair. They should secure their properties better than they are.

Gerard Lucas

Stephenville Crossing

The weather is getting worst and in addition to the wind there’s more rain than normal. If they keep cutting the forests there will definitely be more washouts. I believe people don’t prepare themselves good enough and should batten down the hatches for windy weather.

Charlie Kendall


The weather is definitely different with more wind now and more often than in the past. Something has changed. People definitely need to take more precautions due to high winds and make sure everything is tied down or nailed down.

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