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Margaret Mary Martin
Margaret Mary Martin - Contributed


When Margaret Mary Martin of Lord’s Cove first got the idea to start collecting names of veterans from Lord’s Cove, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

“It all just started with a curiosity,” Martin told The Southern Gazette on Nov. 14. 

She added it was the week before Remembrance Day when she started wondering how many people from Lord’s Cove had served in the military over the years.

“So, I put the post on Facebook and I’m now up to 66 names of either people that have had served or are currently serving,” she said. “That’s one-third of our population — there’s about 150 (people) now, but at any given time it was less than 200.”

When Martin started the project, she did so with two goals in mind. The first was to collect the names. The second was to encourage people to remember those from the community who served and are currently serving.

“I can’t get over how many people took an interest into it,” said Martin, “I have phone calls from all over saying have you got my grandfather’s name, my uncles name, or great uncle, or this one or that one.”

She added that someone had told her Veteran Affairs Canada provides funding for cenotaphs.

“So I got on the ball and started calling people and now I got the application to fill out and if it’s successful, please God next November we’ll have our own for Remembrance Day,” Martin said.

Martin said she missed the deadline for projects this year, but will apply for funding for projects starting after July 1, and it takes 12 weeks to process the application.

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