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Pasadena. - Google Images

There are filters on water stations at schools in Pasadena, but the school board says it cannot confirm they filter out all disinfection byproducts.

As has been reported by The Western Star, Pasadena is among several smaller Newfoundland and Labrador communities where levels of the trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs) exceed the acceptable standards set by Health Canada.

The Western Star asked the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District if it had any concerns about water available to students at Pasadena Elementary or Pasadena Academy.

In an emailed response, the district said it takes its advice regarding water quality from municipalities responsible. The Town of Pasadena had not issued any advisories with respect to the municipal water supply serving the schools.

The town did issue a public statement Wednesday, stating its water was safe to consume and if residents wished to filter their water, they should do so with an NSF Standard 53 filter capable of removing disinfection byproducts.

The town also indicated it will be pursuing a solution to lower its THM levels to below the Health Canada standard.

The school district said the water filtering stations in its schools are NSF Standard 53, though the information available on the stations does not specifically indicate the filtering of THMs.

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