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St. Lawrence town hall.
St. Lawrence town hall. - Contributed

Council has concerns over view when entering town


The Town of St. Lawrence has defeated a quarry permit request by St. Lawrence-based SP Excavating.

During a recent council meeting a request to put a quarry in an area near Old Corbin Road along Route 220 was made. Members of council voiced their concerns on what having a quarry would mean to the aesthetics of the area as motorists drive into the town.

Coun. Amanda Slaney moved the motion but the other council members present did not second the motion. Mayor Paul Pike ruled the motion defeated.

When town manager Andrea Kettle asked what reason she should give the business owner, Coun. Rosalie Dupré volunteered her opinion on the matter.

“That’s a beautiful little area as you come down over that little hill and into the valley —come into St. Lawrence (but) you look on the left side you’ve got the old quarry further on down and coming up (the highway) you got another quarry,” Dupré said. “I don’t want to see it personally.”

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